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Here's a list shown of our services. Please contact us if other or additional services are desired. And maybe we can help you.

Tires; (Supply/Mount)(Also car tires. Note; only supply.)
Chiptuning: P7, P8, 1.6;
5.9 computer read-out, CO-adjustment;
Welding: TIG, MAG and stick-welding;
(Damage) Survey;
Motorbike sales;
Buy, sell and trade of Ducati engines and engine parts; (Used/Overhauled)
Proper maintenance is very important for your motorcycle. When the service intervals are not observed, the likelihood of fatal injury is very large. The cost of a service roads not compete with the potential damage that can occur when saving this. It is recommended that early contact for onderhoudsbeurt.Ook in the winter months! Minor repairs and tires in principle on Saturday.

Also, loose wheels are placed, the next day you can go home with new tires!
Providing quality costs money ... not delivering quality costs a fortune!

The maintenance done carefully and there's many years of experience with maintenance at the highest level. To not for surprises, the cost of labor fixed in advance. However, the materials here are not inbegrepen.Ook hidden defects / faults do not belong to the normal maintenance and not for a fixed price for a turn. This may vary per turn and motorcycle because the condition previously not easy to assess is.Ook for aftermarket parts which creates more work. When the motorcycle is here, it is to judge (is produced).

�THEREFORE IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO IN ADVANCE A QUOTATION TO DO for the maintenance of which we have no maintenance history and the bike is not here. However, there may be an indication of any additional charges outside the maintenance schedule. We will contact you to be taken when there are more costs than usual. We will try to provide a complete comprehensive price estimate.

�However, there may be an indication of the total cost for the turn in advance on the basis that no further NOTHING wrong with the engine. This review is the best spot to make.

�There will always be contacted prior to the estimated cost overrun, and asked for permission to go with it.

�However, from 2010 NOT restricted turns on the instructions executed!

�The prescribed maintenance rates are only for ducati motorcycles, other brands go on hourly.

Maintenance costs
2-kleps 4-kleps R / RS modellen
Motorfiets: Kosten: Motorfiets: Kosten: Motorfiets: Kosten:
€ 428,00 
Monster 1000 IE
€ 396,00 
Monster 1100
€ 428,00 
Monster 620 IE
€ 396,00 
Monster 696
€ 428,00 
Monster M600
€ 396,00 
Monster M750
€ 396,00 
Monster M800
€ 396,00 
Monster M900
€ 396,00 
Multistrada 1000
€ 428,00 
Multistrada 1100
€ 428,00 
Multistrada 620
€ 428,00 
Scrambler Alle
€ 505,00 
Sport Touring ST2
€ 443,00 
Supersport 900ss
€ 396,00 
Supersport SS400
€ 396,00 
Supersport SS600
€ 396,00 
Supersport SS750
€ 396,00 
Supersport SS800 i e
€ 396,00 
Supersport SS900 i e
€ 396,00 
€ 650,00 
€ 774,00 
Hyperstrada 821
€ 650,00 
Monster M1200
€ 774,00 
Monster S4
€ 650,00 
Monster S4RS
€ 650,00 
Monster 821
€ 774,00 
MTS 1200 Dvt
€ 837,00 
Multistrada 1200
€ 837,00 
Multistrada 950
€ 837,00 
Panigale 1199/1299
€ 880,00 
Sport Touring ST3
€ 662,00 
Sport Touring ST4
€ 662,00 
Superbike 1098
€ 712,00 
Superbike 1198
€ 672,00 
Superbike 748/748S
€ 650,00 
Superbike 749
€ 614,00 
Superbike 848
€ 712,00 
Superbike 851
€ 650,00 
Superbike 888
€ 650,00 
Superbike 916
€ 650,00 
Superbike 996
€ 650,00 
Superbike 998
€ 650,00 
Superbike 999
€ 650,00 
Superbike 1098R
€ 905,00 
Superbike 748R
€ 905,00 
Superbike 749R
€ 905,00 
Superbike 749RS
€ 905,00 
Superbike 749S (2006>)
€ 905,00 
Superbike 999R
€ 905,00 
Superbike 999RS
€ 905,00 
    Het advies is om (tegen meerprijs) de kop te laten demonteren voor het kleppen stellen.
- De prijzen zijn inclusief 21% BTW.
- Onderdelen (remblokken, e.d.) en onderhoudsmiddelen (olie, remvloeistof, e.d.) zijn niet bij de prijs inbegrepen!
Planning voor onderhoudsbeurten
maart 2024 = vol
april 2024 = vol
mei 2024 = Vol
juni 2024 = vol
juli 2024 = VOL
augustus 2024 =VOL
september 2024 =vol tot 10 sept.
oktober 2024 =
november 2024 =
december 2024 =
Januari 2025=
Februari 2025=

Bovenstaande planning is voornamelijk voor onderhoudsbeurten. Losse werkzaamheden zoals banden wisselen, olie verversen of andere kleine werkzaamheden kunnen vaak op zaterdag worden uitgevoerd. Voor niet geplande werkzaamheden is het wel verstandig om vooraf te bellen of er tijd is om teleurstelling te voorkomen.
Checklist for 10K (12K) service
The following items are checked during servcie. This is every 10.000Km for older models and 12.000Km for newer models.

Valve clearance;
Checking cam followers;
Oil screen cleaning;
Fuel filter replacing;
Error codes are read out and checked;
Service interval reset;
Timing belts renewed;
Engine oil renewed;
Gaskets renewed;
Oil filter;
Drain plug cleaning;
Spark plugs change;
Air filter(s) inspection;
Throttle body cleaning, (If necessary)
Brake fluid replacement (At least once every year);
Idle speed check;
Synchronization check;
CO Adjustment;
Cooling system check;
Cooling fans check;
Battery check;
Brakes check;
Tire check;
Clutch check (Inner and outer drum plates);
Lighting check;
Cockpit check;
Steering head, swingarm and wheel bearings
Shock absorber(s) check;
Fork oil change; (Optional, usually near 40.000Kms)
Chain check;
Front and rear suspension check;
Complete motorbike check;
If possible, a test drive;
Maintenance booklet filled in, if available;
Necessary modifications, like crankshaft nut torque check;
Required recalls.

* Checking can also mean replaced, adjusted, lubricated and so on. Some checks can depend on the mileage since the last service.
Engine overhaul
A total engine overhaul costs �1281 or 1427 euro.
Price excluding parts/fluids
Including warranty; please do ask for the conditions
Cilinderhead services
Losse cilinderkoppen kunnen ook worden behandeld. Een service beurt voor een set van twee cilinderkoppen omvat het volgende:

ontkolen van kleppen en cilinderkop;
klepzittingen frezen en inslijpen;
kleppen stellen.

Prijzen voor deze service beurt zijn als volgt:
tweeklepper: 370,00 euro
vierklepper: 510,00 euro (RS modellen uitgezonderd)

Meerwerk zoals nieuwe klegeleiders plaatsen en bijvoorbeeld klepslepers vervangen is in overleg. Via de telefoon is geen goede diagnose te stellen, dus de cilinderkoppen moeten bij De Ducati Deskundige ter plekke worden geinspecteerd.
Clutch work
Voor de koppeling zijn nu anti rammel setjes verkrijgbaar! Deze constructie is door De Ducati Deskundige laten vervaardigen, dus geen gekitte of geschroefde gammele of slingerende platen meer. OP VOORRAAD! De koppeling blijft goed doseerbaar!

Prijs: 565,00 euro!
Separate services
For additional work, such as mouting accessories, we charge �70 per hour.
Tire change
Tire change on loose wheels �25,00* per wheel, including balancing and disposal of old tired excluded. Of course also for other brands of motorcycles. It is also possible to have supplied tires mounted, but only if the tires are still in the vehicle. This can be done for a rate of �82 per hour.
The guarantee covers the operation of the vehicle / engine block as the engine workshop enters and leaves turn or after delivery (concealed problems turn are not covered). For changes, repairs, racing use, circuit training and not proper treatment by their own use and / or third parties afterwards void the warranty. This also applies to self-assembled parts. There's only warranty on refurbished / controlled / sold engines to turn and valid only when all operations are performed here and built! All engines are supplied without coupling. The warranty is not transferable. The warranty is the warranty for consequential damages. Ask for the conditions to avoid misunderstandings. The fixed prices may vary from year to year.
Pick-up after service
After completion, the motor within a month must be collected due to limited space, otherwise there stabling money charged at � 1.00 per day from the day when the engine is here. This also applies to consignment bikes at � 1.00 per day. When not pay after 1 month from ready signal, there is a monthly interest on the amount calculated by 2%.
Even when motors are ready in season, there will be after completion the engine is picked to be different, they are outside.
There are more payment methods which are listed below. Mind that there is no possibility to pay by "PIN" in the shop.

Direct payment on bank account

* Mind that it is not possible tot get more than �250,00 from an ATM from a "strange" bank. It is not possible to get more than �1.000,00 per day from an ATM.
CPU read out and adjust
Since recent motorcycle control electronics, there are more possibilities. Thus, the adjustment of the engine software controlled. There may also be several other parameters are read as the maximum speed which the engine has been running ever. This may contribute to the diagnosis of problems. (For example, in the past found that a transmission has failed by a downshift fault on the circuit.) For optimal performance of the motorcycle like the circuit, adjustment of the control computer is a must. However, for the reading of these data equipment is required. We dispose of this equipment in addition to Ducati motorcycles, also for motorcycles of other brands the control computer to read. All these models have the same engine electronics (Weber / Marelli). The diagrams are now changing, in combination with a Rapid-bike module.
Now in 2013, we are a REXXER point!
All test equipment is provided that a dealer should have!

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