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Company profile
Carl Nengerman is specialised in Ducati motorbikes. Carl has a vast technical training enjoyed as a result of which beside your Ducati, other brand motibikes will be treated skillfully.

After years as a motorbike machanic at several different company's, Carl decided to start his own company. And that's how De Ducati Deskundige started. Your Ducati will be treated by an expert en treated with care.

Beside maintenance and repairings there also (spare)parts can be provided. There are also used parts in stock. And used and new motobikes with factory warranty.

This is also the right address for Ducati advice.

Carl is one if the few Dutch mechanics who can read and change the P7 and P8 CPU's of a Ducati. The settings can be changed as you whish them to be.

Knowledge and experiences
MTS Car Technician;
LTS Car Technician.

Ducati; Internal training at the Ducati factory from 1992 until 2003.
Aprillia RSV;

Own company "De Ducati Deskundige"; 16 years;
Ducati mechanic at a Bimota/Ducati dealer in Vianen (NL); 6 years;
Ducati mechanic at Safe Motors Apeldoorn (NL); 7 years;
Ensing Motors Apeldoorn (NL); 3 years;
Moto Guzzi mechanic; 4 years.

Other relevant experiences:
Maintenance own (on) racers for 32 years;
Maintenance and tuning 996R bike of "John van Middelkoop" (Double 3D cup champion); 3 jaar and still for problems....;
Technical "walking encyclopedia" 4 valve models "Ducati Club Nederland" (Dutch Ducati Club); 15 jaar;


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