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Te koop: Ducati 888 SP3
Welcome on the website of De Ducati Deskundige;
Carl Nengerman.

For street riders, we offer everything you need. Regular maintenance, repairs, tires, special parts, advice and optimization of your machine. For all major Italian brands.

Carl Nengerman is 22 years active as a Ducati mechanic and also as a Ducati racer. Carl became thee times the champion of de BOTT [Battle Of The Twins]. Carl always repaired and maintained these 888 races by himself and know's these machines very well.

Next to that Carl worked at some other Ducati dealers. But he wanted to start his own buisiness and started this company a couple of years ago. You can trust Carl that your bike will be trated well.

Carl can help you with these listed items:
Chip tuning;
Engine overhauling (Also 4 valve trade engines)
Parts; (New and used)
Motorbike sales; (New and used)
Tires; (Supply/Mount)
Pick-up and deliver motorbikes. (Preferably in Holland.)

Dutch Ducati Club discount
Members of the Dutch Ducati Club (Ducati Club Nederland) can get discount on new dealer products. 10% Discount on lubrication, brake pads, brakediscs, chains, sprockets and front suspension seals. This discount is not valid in combination with maintenance, repair and items with other discount. Ask us for the terms and conditions.

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